The Beam Output strip has 3 LED’s in every inch which makes the light a lot more powerful than the standard strip lights. The Beam High Output strip is just one third of an inch wide and one tenth of an inch. Its ultra-low profile enables installation practically anywhere. It comes with a 3M adhesive back which makes the installation easy, clean, and safe! The Beam High Output strip is filled cuttable every inch so you can customize the lengths needed and even add light to a little area that wasn’t able to have a light before. Not only is the Beam High Output strip more powerful than standard strip lights, it only used 2.9 watts of electricity per foot so you’ll be saving the environment and on energy usage. The Hi-Beam used only 4.4 watts. Since the strip light used LED’s, it emits a minimal amount of heat, unlike halogen and even fluorescent fixtures.

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