Zenlite Arc, Novation Shallow Housing Now Patented

So just how unique are our designs? According to The US Patent and Trademark Office, they are, well, pretty unique. So unique, in fact, that we’ve earned two shiny new utility patents for both Zenlite® Arc and Novation® Shallow Housing.

We’re not done. We’ve got some great new products in the works.

Stay tuned…

Novation Shallow Housing

  • At just 2.5″ in height, this is the shallowest adjustable downlight on the market. Fully featured with CRI up to 95CRI and lumen packages up to 2000Lm

Zenlite Arc

  • The only curved recessed linear product on the market the thickness of 5/8″ drywall. With a minimum radius of just 15″, design with no limits with Zenlite® Arc