How to use the Estimates & Inventory Portal:

  • The Estimates & Inventory Portal is provided as a general guide for our sales reps. While we will do our best to keep the information provided to you accurate and updated, there can be errors, in both pricing and inventory levels.
  • The information you see on the portal is updated in real time.
  • You will have to login twice, once for the sales rep portal (where contacts, news and downloads can be found) and one for Estimates & Inventory Portal.
  • In the Estimate & Inventory Portal, consider the word Sales Order to mean “Preestimate”. If you push the submit button, it is entered into our company system as an estimate. If you want us to review and send you the estimate, please reach out to us. We will not automatically do so.
  • Most of our reps would find the “Create Sales Order” tab to be the most useful. In it, you can find pricing for the items, and whether it is in inventory.
    • The Sales Orders do not currently handle changing of UOM’s. Please indicate how you would like the product to be cut in the “line item notes”
    • Any line item specific information such as “Type” or any other line item information can be entered in the “Line Item Notes” field
    • The “Memo” is strictly project management purposes (an example of something you would put in here is “Must use union driver”)
    • The “Notes” field will be printed on pick tickets and is for actual product related information.  (an example of something you would put here is “round down to nearest cutting increment”)
  • The “Lookup > Inventory” tab is for more Advanced users. This can be used to check the exact inventory level of a product, and which warehouse area it is stored in. You can also check to see if an product is already “On Order”, which may mean that the product will be ready sooner than indicated in the “typical lead times” chart. Also, please note that on this tab you will be seeing some parts, not just products. Parts are items that are not necessarily sold, but are used to make products. This can be helpful to use if you are looking to see if we have all the parts you see on a BOM needed to make a certain product.

Inventory Tab Guide:

On HandAllocatedNot AvlAvl for SaleOn OrderCommittedAvl to PickBackordered
Total amount of inventory in stockThe amount of inventory allocated or assigned to other ordersThe quantity in locations that are not available for sale.The quantity available for sale is calculated as

On Hand -Allocated – Not Available

The quantity that is in the process of being produced.Items picked and ready to be shipped, or items started on a work order. Inventory that is committed will always be allocated. However, inventory that is allocated is not always committed.Calculated as On Hand – CommittedThe amount that is needed to fulfill outstanding orders

Typical Lead Times


ItemTypicalRush (requires approval)Notes
Easy Pick (i.e. showing in stock and requires no factory work)3 Business DaysNext Business Day
Cutting/Soldering tape light, material in stock1 week
Cutting channel, material in stock1 week
Tape Light, backordered8 weeks, minimum may be required for special orders6.5 weeksCheck Inventory tab to see if any are already backordered.
Channels, backordered6 weeks(consult with factory)Check Inventory tab to see if any are already backordered.
Drivers, backordered8 weeks(consult with factory)Check Inventory tab to see if any are already backordered.
Tape Light sample, not in stock3 weeks
Zenlite job, simple configuration, material in stock2 weeks(consult with factory)
Zenlite job, complex configuration, material in stock2.5 weeks(consult with factory)
Backordered Flatlite Flat Panels, Horizon Troffers, Novation (except if just requires different chip), Proform, Integra14 weeks(consult with factory)Check Inventory tab to see if any are already backordered.



  • These are general lead times. Please understand that while we make every effort to meet these dates, situations can arise and a production can get delayed.
  • Lead times are from date of PO.
  • In any situation, if we are to lose an order because of lead time issues, please contact factory to see if anything can be done to improve lead time.
  • We generally do not ship via truck on Fridays, especially during the winter. This may delay lead time until the following Monday.
  • Many of our products have components that come from overseas, including China. As such, we are subject to delays during Chinese New Year (around February). During this period, most standard lead times you see above are delayed, please consult with factory for more details.