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ZigBeam™ Miterable Tape Light

PreciseLED introduces Zigbeam™, the world’s first miterable tape light. This tape light allows for the creation of 90 degree angles in coves, and in in-wall/ceiling products like Zenlite® This clever design avoids previous solutions such as clumsy jumper cables or easily breakable plastic connectors. 

Volts: 24V
Watts per foot: 4.4W/ft
Lumens per foot: 428Lm/ft
Protection Rating: IP20
Max Run: 17.5 feet
CRI: ≥ 95



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IES Files
ZGBM-XX-4.4W-24V-95C-30K IES File
ZGBM-XX-8.8W-24V-95C-30K IES File
ZGBM-24V-95C-27K IES File
ZGBM-24V-95C-30K IES File
ZGBM-24V-95C-35K IES File
ZGBM-24V-95C-40K IES File

Revit Files
Zig-Beam Revit File

ZigBeam™ Miterable Tape Light


4.4 watts.ft

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