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Zenlite® Tile

ZENLITE® Tile is an LED Lighting System for 3/8” Tile floors/walls/ceilings. This system is floor rated and waterproof, utilizing resin dispensing technology. It can be integrated with other Zenlite products to achieve a seamless line of light across floor, wall and ceilings. The Channel is installed between tiles and held down by thinset and uses a remote driver. The fixture has been tested using standard cleaning solvents and comes in two versions, shallow/deep. The shallow version has the thickness of standard 3/8″ tile plus thinset; the deep version comes with a quick wire connector, allowing for running wiring inside the fixture that are longer than 8 feet.

Volts: 24V
CRI: ≥ 95
Warranty: 5 Years
Lamp Life: 50,000 Hours




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Zenlite® Tile


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