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Zenlite™ Arc1-Pendant Mount

ZENLITE™ Arc1 Pendant Mount is a curved LED Lighting System that can be specified to any curvature of a 30” diameter and above. This fixture can be combined with Arc1 surface and recessed to create one continuous seamless light. ZENLITE™ Arc1 Pendant Mount, along with the rest of the ZENLITE™ series, allows for complete freedom of light design.

Volts:  24V
CRI: ≥ 95
Warranty: 5 Years
Lamp Life: > 50,000 Hours






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IES Files

ZNLT-ARC1-PM-2BEAM-24V-95C-35K IES file

ZNLT-ARC1-PM-2HIHE-24V-95C-35K IES file

Zenlite™ Arc1-Pendant Mount


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